Monday, April 25, 2011

Praise Be to the Restaurant Gods

The restaurant gods are fickle and harsh; They can smile on you one moment and drive your restaurant into the ground the next. But they're not without a sense of mercy. Last week's post, lamenting the pressures of cooking at high volumes, surely appealed to them. Because, with a sweep of thier benevolent hands, they granted me respite.

It must have been divine intervention, for our business was uncommonly comatose all week, nearly flat-lined throughout the weekend, and pronounced dead Sunday. Or perhaps, because our deck is undergoing renovation, diners flocked to other restaurants with outdoor seating to enjoy the ideal spring weather.

Either way, the break was great--almost like a miraculous vacation. I can't remember the last time I felt bored at work. It was fantastic. Glorious even. Sunday, I spent more time chillin' out back than I did behind the line. And becasue we'd been so slow all week there was no prep work to do. No prep work! Surely this was the work of a higher power.

One of my work buddies brought in a laptop. We watched YouTube and pornography for at least an hour. We also played darts, had a few beers and watched the Phillies game. Had I not been in my chef checks, it would have been like I wasn't at work at all.

Thank you almighty gods of the restaurant industry. Thank you.

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