Thursday, April 24, 2014

This Week's Haul

Is our CSA suggesting we need to slim down for bikini season?   Look at all those greens we got this week. Tatsoi, spinach, baby lettuce...salad season is definitely upon us.

In keeping with the green trend (perhaps as an homage to Earth Day) we also received broccoli rabe.  I'm rather ambivalent towards this hearty bitter green.  The only way I enjoy it is when it's paired with heavy, fatty dishes, such as the Philly classic roast pork Italiano hoagie.  When rabe's on a roll with juicy shaved pork, gooey sharp provolone and sweet caramelized onions, its bitterness is forced to the background and works as a compliment   But as a stand-alone green, I'll usually pass.  Naomi on the other hand--being second generation Italian--loves the stuff.

And we got mushrooms.  A food I never get bored of.  This week it's a medley of oyster, shitaki and crimini mushrooms.  Fresh cut a stone's throw from Philly, these guys come from Kennet Sqaure.  A.K.A. the mushroom capitol of the world.  We are truly blessed to live here.

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