Friday, March 21, 2014

How to Cook the Perfect Restaurant-Style Omelette

American cheese omelette with CSA peppers onions and mushrooms.  Salad of black radish and onion. Pan-friend halluomi cheese.

I know, I cook a great omelette.  It's easy.  You've been doing it since you were tall enough to reach the stove, and you don't need me to tell you how.  But think about the perfectly shaped, cheerfully yellow omelettes you get from your favorite brunch spot.  The eggs sublimely fluffy, the cheese gooey.  If you want to elevate your game to that level, read on my friends.

Long ago, when I first began working brunch service, my egg cookery was horrible.  It took months of broken yokes and burnt whites to get a handle on it, but eventually I worked my way to the chief brunch position: omelette station.  

At this restaurant it was a hideous beast of a station, the busiest and most challenging of them all. I'd seen omelette station humble cooks with twice my experience and laugh as it sent them home defeated and ashamed.  But I was eager to measure my skill against its imposing menace.  So, with grim resolve, I accepted its challenge.  It put up a good fight, omelette station did, but in the end I prevailed.   And after a few services, I had sous chefs asking me if I'd cooked omelettes somewhere before. I hadn't.  Turn's out I'm something of a natural.

At home, away from the pressures of cooking in a busy restaurant, omelettes are much easier.  Last weekend I cooked up a round filled with the frozen peppers, onions and mushrooms from our CSA.  We paired it with a salad of mixed greens, black radish and onions.  I also fried up some halloumi cheese I made last month. Go ahead, I dare you to find a better brunch anywhere.

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