Friday, July 9, 2010

Hump day

Ugg...Friday. My Wednesday. It's vacation season and as FNG, I've been obligated to pick up the slack of my co-workers, who are right now sipping beers on the beach. With three more days left in my work week, I've already logged 30 hours.

This of course translates to massive overtime, which presently, as I prepare to bike 5 miles to work, walk into to a hot kitchen already dripping with sweat, cook my ass off for 8 hours in front of 550 degree convection ovens and steamy deep fryers before biking home again, seems like little recompense.

On the up side, however, today is pay day, the day when all the stress, sweat and blood (nicked my little finger pretty good last week) of the past two-weeks is tallied and monetized and I'm allowed to take home a little bread.

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